Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post-Season Football Awards

Before we play Oregon State to cap off the season, I'd like to recognize the Cougs for another tremendous regular season. Every game, with two obvious exceptions, was a pleasure to watch, and this year's seniors will sorely be missed.

Without further ado, I would like to present the 2009 Asbies.

Offensive MVP: Dennis Pitta
Pitta created matchup problems for every team that lined up against him. He is the most prolific tight end in a school that is known for a great TE tradition. No one changes a game like Dennis Pitta.
Runner-up: Max Hall

Defensive MVP: Jordan Pendleton
Speed, athleticism, brute strength- these are the traits of our newest defensive star. He covered well, he blitzed well. JP will be the man at linebacker for years to come.
Runner-up: Brian Logan

Offensive Play of the Year: Andrew George's game winning TD catch vs. Utah in overtime

Defensive Play of the Year: Coleby Clawson ending Sam Bradford's season (Career?) with a bonecrushing sack vs. Oklahoma.

Biggest Win: BYU beats No. 3 Oklahoma 14-13 in the first game of the season.

Most Disappointing Game: Florida State. The 'Noles stomped on our hearts and crushed our dreams in our home-opener.

Best Overall Team Performance: BYU vs. Wyoming. The offense and defense dominated in a 52-0 blowout.

Best Individual Performance, Offense: Max Hall vs. Air Force. Hall carved the nation's leading pass defense for 377 passing yards and 5 TDs.

Best Individual Performance, Defense
: Brian Logan vs. Colorado State. Logan recorded 9 tackles, one interception and two defended passes which led to another interception.

Hit of the Year: Jordan Pendleton's destruction of Utah QB Jordan Wynn on Utah's second offensive play of the game.

Best Beginning: BYU scores 21 points vs. Colorado State in the first quarter, taking the Rams completely out of the game.

Best Ending: Andrew George catches a 25-yard game-winning TD catch in overtime to send the Utes home empty-handed.

Newcomer of the year: Brian Logan, who turned out to be a HUGE upgrade over Brandon Howard.

Freshman of the year: Not a lot of frosh got to see playing time this year, so I'm giving it to Craig Bills who showed flashes of brilliance on special teams and in limited playing time.

Congratulations to our winners, and may you destroy the Oregon State Beavers as a triumphant encore to another great season.


Anonymous said...

Well written, with just one critique. It's "Without further ado," not "without further adieu." "Ado" means "fuss" or "delay." "Adieu" is not a noun but a complete statement which simply means "goodbye."

Cue the grammar haters.

Adam said...

Lesson learned. Thank you, anonymous tipster.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Oh, Adam, that guy toad you.