Thursday, January 21, 2010

The greatest show in Utah

I just thought I'd take a few minutes to express my love of BYU basketball. Specifically my love of watching the team do their thing in the Marriott Center.

I try not to miss any games, but then you already knew that. It's part of the sports fan's Ten Commandments.

I don't care if we're playing UNLV or Eastern New Mexico: If I'm available, I'm at the game. And by "available" I mean if I'm not dying or dead. Or at some sort of religious rite of passage.

The point is, I love BYU games. I love the atmosphere, I love the game, I love our team and I LOVE when the Marriott Center is nice and full. When our guys played Colorado State last Saturday in front of a crowd of 21,000 it was spectacular. Nothing rivals that atmosphere, and the Cougars are invincible when life is pumping through our house.

When the Cougars are in town, I want to watch them play.

I've been talking to a lot of friends lately about the Cougs. They're all big fans, and we love talking about our exciting team, but most of them don't really make it to the MC on game day/night.

I understand life happens, and most normal, well-adjusted people can't make it to every single home game during a 35-game season. But I do wish fans would make more of an effort to get to the games. Tickets are cheap, parking is plentiful and the Cougarettes have some great routines this year.

And, oh yeah, THIS IS THE BEST TEAM WE'VE HAD IN DECADES. We're ranked No. 13 in the country, and this team is flat-out fun to watch. There are some stinking good athletes on our team, and we fly around that court like a pack of 1941 P-19 Hellcats (that's a thing, right?).

If you're a Cougar fan and you're reading this message, I hope you'll make an effort to get to the MC for a game or two. We've still got some great games left on the schedule, including home games vs. Utah, San Diego State and New Mexico, and the team could use your yelp when the other guys step on our court.


Becky said...

MC, ey? I'm not quite sure I can start calling the Marriott Center that quite yet. :)

but for real...I agree. These have been some of the best games I've ever watched. My favorite so far was against UNLV! love the cougs!

Shareen said...

It just about killed me to miss the Wyoming game because my 12-year-old had an orchestra concert at the junior high. I got to listen to the last part of the game on the radio. And I hate the mtn. because we have DISH and so I can't watch the game tonight, unless I go up to the Wilk. (which I have done many times in the past) You are right--fans need to go to the games!!