Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The class of 2010

Welp, signing day is over. It's the day I look forward to the most in these dark, football-less months, and it disappeared faster than a Kahuku HS verbal commitment.

I was able to take part in some of the festivities, though. I was in the audience when Bronco Mendenhall and Paul Tidwell announced BYU's 2010 recruiting class to the Cougar Club. The lunch was so-so, but the anticipation of another football season was surging.

You can read all about BYU's 27 recruits here, so I'm not going to take the time to comment on every one of them.

Rather, I'm going to pick out a handful of my favorites and explain just why BYU has the best class ever. And I'll leave Jake Heaps, Ross Apo and Josh Quezada off the list, because I think these guys have been discussed ad nauseum (but I'm still exquisitely happy they'll be in Cougar blue in the fall).

Alani Fua. I actually got to see this kid play on ESPNU when his HS played Jake Heaps and Skyline HS. He was the star of the show, in my eyes. He was a beast on defense and caught some great balls on offense.
Collin Keoshian. This guy plays in a smaller, 8-man California league, but he still looks like a man among boys. He looks big, athletic and he can hit. I'm excited to see him play some linebacker for the Cougs.
Drew Phillips. BYU usually doesn't get recruits like Phillips. He's a speed back with a 4.39 forty, and there's talk that he'll play both RB and slot receiver. Anywhere he plays, I hope we can take advantage of his speed.
Tayo Fabuluje. This guy just flat out looks like a beast. I'm already having visions of him just blowing up pesky little Air Force offensive linemen. I REALLY hope he plays on the defensive line.
Kyle Van Noy. Originially a part of the 2009 class, Van Noy will finally join the BYU Cougars this Spring. Van Noy will have an instant impact on the BYU defense. He's fast and he can hit. I can't adequately express how happy I am he's back.

This really is an amazing class, and every one of our signees is a special athlete. These are just a few of the future Cougars I'm particularly excited about.

What about you? Which 2010 recruits turn your crank?

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Trav said...

Really excited to see Keoshian and what he can do