Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The consolation prize

BYU went to Salt Lake and beat Utah handily, and without drama. Not too shabby.

I guess the Cougars answered any critics that may have questioned their ability to bounce back after a heartbreaker loss.

And Michael Loyd Jr. turned into a superstar in the process. He literally transformed from a bench-rider into a game-changer in a matter of two games. Suddenly I'm not so worried about the future at Point Guard.

I know, I know. It's only been two games. But you gotta like what you've seen in those two games from our former back-up to the back-up. He has suddenly turned into the kind of guard that can take a high screen and make a quick move to the hoop - you know, the kind of guard that we usually have trouble with.

Way to go, Mike. And oh yeah, if this little anecdote is true, you have just turned into one of my favorite players. That is just priceless.

Good game tonight, Cougs. You went into a hostile territory and took care of business. Kinda takes the sting away from Saturday's loss.

Oh by the way, did anyone else hear what the Utah fans were cheering when Jonathan Tavernari touched the ball? Hey Utes: THAT'S why we hate you guys.


ali said...

well??? what were they chanting??

nevermind, it's probably not fit for publication.

Trav said...

i love love love how much the utes suck. btw, bronco, take note. when byu's talent level is head&shoulders above the utes, thats how you should beat them. its fun to wait til the last second to rip their hearts out, but once every 2 or 3 years lets lay a dave rose-style pasting on kyle's ninnies.