Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Guest Post: The 2009-2010 sports year

By Travis Adamson

Remember this classic ASB post?

We've reached the end of another sports year. So how does this year measure up? Admirably. We beat Utah again, and again on a heroic play from the Utes' most hated player to another BYU great TE.

Kyle did not get in a fistfight with his grandma, but his son did steal a Blackberry and was almost disqualified from serving a mission if not for kyle stepping in and making things ok with the wronged BYU fans.

In even better news, Max Hall expressed his hatred for the Utes during the post-game interview and totally represented my feelings in the process.

Utah basketball has become a joke. A punch line. Those who say the rivalry is at its best when both teams are good are wrong. The rivalry is at its best when BYU is good and Utah sucks. When all the Utes have to look forward to is the MWC Defensive Player of the Year being awarded to David Foster's pituitary gland, and sneaking up on UNLV to play spoiler.

When BYU's bench beats Utah at home worse than they have ever been beaten; when Gordon Monson moves on from taking shots at Bronco to taking shots at Jim Boylen; Utah makes a late season run (in their undies) for the CBI but gets left on the bubble: That's a good year.

Ute fans everywhere drop a Drca in their pants this year. Their prized shooting guard is a scrawny whiny baby who shoots every time he gets the ball.

Oh, and BYU had the most entertaining player in the country and kicked serious butt all year long, including beating the 2006 & 2007 national champ in the NCAA tourney in double OT with 37 points from our PG.

Good year.

Travis Adamson is a BYU blue-blood from the Northwestern United States. He may be in Husky country, but his heart still resides in LaVell Edwards Stadium. He is a guest blogger and His views do not necessarily reflect those of Adam's Sports Blog or its parent company, Cougar Crazies Ltd.


Allen said...

In summary, your entire post was about Utah. I guess little brothers will always want to compare themselves to their big bro.

Jimmer is an outstanding player, but I have to wonder how good you guys will be next year when Jimmer goes pro and you lose >50% of your offensive production...

Trav said...

hey allen,

first of all, jimmer's not going pro until after next year. go cry in your beer for another year, after BYU makes it 9 of 10.

There's no way you think Utah can win a game against Y next year do you? I know the utes were young and inexperienced, but BYU's young and inexperienced players put on a clinic against you. David Foster looked like Mr. Rogers trying to defend Davies. Our backup to the backup point guard is 2xbetter than anyone on your team. My advice is to keep hoping for day when you graduation of BYU's players is Utah's only hope.

BYU had a great year, in just about everything. The only BYU player who didn't show up? Altitude. He could have made a few extra plays against FSU & TCU.

ali said...

when did you get a parent company?? (Adam)

Shareen said...

That was a classic post by Adam. Enjoyed your post too. Now if only I can make it until August....

Allen said...

Very nice Trav. Typical BYU fan passing judgment because ya'll are so much more righteous than the rest of the world. I obviously am an alcoholic because I go to the U. Of course. Me and the quorrum of the 12 love to throw back a few Heinikens.

Forgive me -- I had hear that Jimmer planned to enter the draft this year without an agent in order to leave himself the option to return next year if the draft didn't work out. I suppose that could be false. Like I said, he's a great player.

And yeah, Utah sucked at basketball this year -- I am quite aware.

I do not, however, envy your BYU education if forming sentences like "My advice is to keep hoping for day when you graduation of BYU's players is Utah's only hope." is the best you can do.

Trav said...


you sound like a fool to me. typical ute begging for a byu fan to act self-righteously.

Adam said...

Boys, boys... We're WAAAAY too far away from any kind of meaningful rivalry game to engage in this kind of heated exchange.

Now is the time when Cougar fans and Ute fans alike unite and cheer on the Utah Jazz. Let's wait till at least Fall Camp begins to release our venom.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say I'm personally committed to cleansing myself of BYU-hate. After years of having to resist the urge to key every minivan with a BYU bumper sticker that I see, I just want to report semi-publicly - and clearly anonymously - that I'm trying to hate BYU less. Too much wasted energy. Yes, I know this is random, but it's therapeutic. Now I have some int'l economics to go study.

Trav said...


i know that was you with the anonymous post. I just want to say we will welcome you to BYU fandom when you realize you have been cheering for losers. it's a big tent and we don't hold grudges. (though we may hold others accountable)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Trav (who abbreviates their own name?), I have no idea who Allen is. Just when I'm trying to make a positive change, you have to make some asshat comment like that and be a genuine prick. I won't hold this against BYU in general, though. I'm still committed to ridding myself of this hate. I need to see a therapist.

Trav said...


You hurt my feelings.