Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The revenge tour

It's another first for me. I'm driving to Las Vegas tomorrow with several changes of clothing to cheer on the Cougs at the MWC Championship Tournament.

I'm booked in the hotel through Sunday, and I am hoping with all my heart that I have a reason to stay the whole time.

See, the Cougs have a rough road on their way to the Tournament trophy. It starts out easy enough, with a TCU rematch, but then we'll most likely have to beat UNLV and then New Mexico for the championship. In other words, we'll have to exorcise a few demons.

First we'll have to beat UNLV on their home court, in front of their home crowd. I was there when BYU played at the T&M earlier this year, and it wasn't pretty. It was a crap-fest, actually.

Then we'll have to beat the New Mexico Lobos, along with their "player of the year" Darrington Hobson. UNM is a team we haven't beaten yet this year. Oh, and their coach called Jonathan Tavernari an A-hole.

(By the way you can read all my thoughts about the idiotic MWC post-season awards voting on Twitter: http://twitter.com/aolsen)

We've got two tall tasks ahead of us, but I believe we can slay both of those giants. I wouldn't have shelled out the dough to go down to Vegas if I didn't think we could win it all.

In fact, not only do I think we can win, I'm actually looking forward to the challenge. I want to lay a beat down on the Rebels in front of their own obnoxious fans. I want Jimmer Fredette to hit 10 shots right in Darrington Hobson's face. When the dust settles on the MWC Championship Tournament, I want there to be no doubt that BYU is the best team in the MWC.

I want revenge.

And honestly, I hope the players feel the same way. I hope they are hungry. I hope they have pictures of Steve Alford hung up on their hotel mirrors. I hope they dream at night of ripping Tre'Von Willis' face off.

This tournament is a huge opportunity for the Cougs, and I hope they treat it as such.

Now wish me luck, and tell me if I make it on TV.


Russ Nelson said...

You Adam Olsen are a true fan. You already went down once and got spit in the face (metaphorically speaking). Now you return with expectations to bring home a MW title?

You either love the craps tables or have a weird obsession with Jimmer, whatever the case may be, GO COUGS!

Lori said...

Maybe I'll see you there.

Trav said...

i'll look for you on TV. if jimmer is healthy, everyone else needs to look out - Jimmer is out for vengeance

Heath and Shareen said...

I agree with the "idiotic MWC post-season awards". Winning the tournament is the only way to seek justice for these wrongs!