Monday, April 19, 2010

Harvey, Harvey, Harvey...

I remember being in the Marriott Center when Harvey Unga made the public announcement that he'd be returning to BYU for his senior year. It was the halftime of a BYU basketball game, and the crowd when completely crazy when Unga made his announcement.

And now?

Now Harvey is gone. He withdrew from school after an honor code violation, and will try to enter the NFL in July's supplemental draft.

The minute I read the news I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I felt, and still feel, monumentally sorry for Harvey Unga. I don't condemn him for making a mistake; I just feel awful that this particular mistake happened to have some pretty dramatic consequences.

Now Harvey walks away from a college degree to make a future for himself in the NFL without going through any workouts and without having the optimal skill set for his size and stature.

He's too big to be a running back.

And he's too inexperienced to play fullback.

Yeah, this mistake (in my humble opinion) hurt Harvey more than it hurt BYU. BYU loaded up at RB anticipating Harvey's early departure to the NFL. Right now we've got 3-5 guys that are highly touted and will ready to step up in the fall. We'll miss Harvey a whole lot, don't get me wrong, but we recruited heavily at RB thinking we wouldn't see Unga again anyway.

So now we move forward, and one of the most popular players in BYU history, and the school's all-time leading rusher, has black mark on his otherwise clean-as-a-whistle name. It sucks.

We love you Harvey. All the best.


Anonymous said...

What made me so upset was that the BYU Athletic Department chose to issue one press release featuring a photo of him and his girlfriend side by side. That just provided fuel to the speculation or, perhaps more accurately, made it quite clear what the "violation" consisted of. I think a more tactful approach would have been to issue two separate statements at different times referring to "personal issues." I don't know why it was necessary to 1) refer to an "honor code violation" and 2) put them both in the same press release. Life goes on and they're adults who will move past this some way or another. On a side note, his name isn't so clean. He did used to deal drugs, you recall? Well, I suppose you could say he repented of that, blah blah blah....white as snow...blah blah blah.

Heath and Shareen said...

Has he come out and said he is going in the supp. draft? I only listened to the radio this morning, and no one said he had made that decision yet. If his bishop gives him an ecclesiastical endorsement next fall, BYU could readmit him. It may be a long shot, but I hadn't heard that he had made the decision one way or the other. I was still hoping he could come back.

Cindy said...

thank you for blogging this.

i don't know what to think about harvey, but i know i'll miss him.

Adam said...

I don't know much about Harvey before he was at BYU. I do know that he never had any real issues as a Cougar, and that's what I was referring to.

Heath and Shareen-
I guess it's not official, but I was getting my information from this post by Jay Drew.

You're welcome.

Shareen said...

Thanks for the link. Vern Hepri was our bishop in our old ward until he was called into the stake presidency. He is an awesome man. He is a New Zealand rugby player and could care less about football, but he is an honest and fair man. I was joking to my husband that we should give him a call:) (My husband served in the bishopric with him. He had to get an unlisted number during the Crowton years.)