Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Steven Rogers: Future Cougar

There's been a lot of talk recently about Stephen Rogers, the 6-8 wing from Mesa Community College by way of ASU.

Rogers has received a lot of recruiting attention and has narrowed his choices to BYU, New Mexico and Utah State. BYU was a late-comer to the Rogers sweepstakes, but has been "coming on strong" to Rogers' services.

Rogers was the Arizona JuCo player of the year, and averages about 21 points per game.

He's also a shooter. Big time shooter. Like, more of a shooter than JT was a shooter, shooter.

This is from BYU beat-writer Jay Drew's blog: "One of Rogers’ coaches told me that if you think Jonathan Tavernari liked to fire the ball up from all over the place, you should see this kid. '[Rogers] hasn't met a shot he didn't think he could make,' he said."

I like JT, and I like shooters, but I hope Rogers can play defense. I'd be a lot happier with a lock-down defender than a crazy shooter at this point.

And I have to wonder, will Cougar faithful have a collective heart attack with two more years of a JT-like chucker?


lesley said...

We don't need another shooter....unless we want another fight-for-the-championship-maybe-win-it-maybe-not year. If we could start playing defense (and I should probably say rebound) the championship would be ours so easy next year. And no, I can't handle another 2 years of a "JT-like" shooter. Defense wins championships. Now, play defense AND shoot, there's a real winning combo:)

Trav said...

in the words of the new coach from Rudy, when he played the old coach in Hoosiers - "YOU CAN'T SCORE IF YOU DON'T SHOOT" so the Stephen Rogers I say, come on down. If you can put the ball in the hoop we'll take you. If you miss too many shots, Charles Abouo will take your minutes.

In one year, Jimmer, Jackson, and Kyle Collinsworth will be gone. To replace their scoring we will have Nick Martineau, ML Jr, and Charles take over. If Demarcus Harrison comes to byu, great. If not, someone else will be needed to provide a scoring punch.

A lot of people loved to hate JT, but he (along with Jimmer) was one of the guys who could manufacture baskets when you needed them, up 11 points with 12 min left in the second half. Plaisted was good at it, Keena Young was the best at it (Jimmer too), but JT scored pretty well in the half-court.