Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Utah Jazz: Unwatchable

I'm writing this post in the middle of what should have been the celebratory, or at least competitive, fourth quarter of one of the most important games of the season.

It's not. The game, against the Phoenix Suns, has become an unwatchable mess. It was over in the middle of the fourth quarter, and today the Jazz no longer look like Playoff Contenders. Instead, they've sunk below "Bottom Dweller" to somewhere near the level of "comedy troupe"; their game has become a series of humorous follies and comical mishaps.

The thing is this should have been the game to assert themselves. If the Jazz would have won (assuming they lost... ha) they would have played the Trailblazers in the first round, with home court advantage, all while avoiding the Lakers until the Western Conference Finals.

Turns out the Jazz missed the memo: Home court advantage is pretty important in the playoffs.

I guess we're content with languishing in the fifth seed, playing Denver on the road and probably extending our offseason by an extra week or so.

What a joke.

I'm angry. At the whole team? Sure. But a large portion of my anger is directed toward two men: Andre Kirilenko and Carlos Boozer. Both of these lillywhites sat out tonight with a tummy ache (Boozer) and a calf bruise (Kirilenko).

Where's the fire? Where's the competitive edge? Where is Karl Malone when we need him? The Mailman certainly wouldn't have benched himself during a crucial game like this. Neither would Stockton.

I wish we had some ironmen back on the Jazz roster. I am so sick of these bloated contract players sitting out whenever they please, then cashing a huge check. The Jazz are playing with their biggest payroll in team history, but the quality of play hasn't improved in the slightest.

Cut Boozer, Cut Kirilenko, cut all these crappy wing players, and let's build a real team around Deron Williams.

Nothing makes me as mad as the Utah Jazz.

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