Monday, June 28, 2010


…at least that's what my dad thinks.

Whether you know me personally or just follow this blog, you know that my dad, the Big KO, is my brother-in-arms when it comes to BYU sports.

We have daily BYU pow-wows where we discuss the latest and greatest from our Alma Mater.

So I wasn't surprised when Tom Holmoe's recent comments to the press came up in our conversation. Both of us were intrigued by Holmoe's statements, but my dad has adopted an especially extreme interpretation. He explained his feelings to me just tonight.

"You just wait," he said. "BYU is going to make a big announcement by August 15."

I inquired, "What's that?"

His response: BYU will be invited to the Big XII. He said it with such unflinching conviction that I had to ask who gave him his information.

He told me he didn't have a source. It was a gut feeling.

Now, it's no secret that I don't believe any of this Big XII hoo-ha. BYU just has too much baggage. Nevertheless, KO was unshaken in his confidence.

He was so confident, in fact, that we made a bet. I bet that come August 15 BYU would be where it is right now: Languishing away as a mid-major in the BCS. My dad bet that by August 15 we would have an invitation in-hand to join the Big XII. Winner gets a nice dinner at Mendy's… or another restaurant of his choice.

So what do you guys think? Who's going to win the bet?


Russ Nelson said...

Don't get the soup at Mendy's cause it's not a meal.

I believe anything and everything KO says. That being said I am willing to bet the farm on his instinct.

Cougs to the Big 12!

Becky said...

we can only hope that we'd be invited to the Big 12.

But i really don't think we'll have any big announcements for another one to two years.

Chris said...

I hope your dad's right, but my gut tells me you'll win.

Mendy's is the best. The best, Adam.

Trav said...

not happening. may happen one day but nothing soon. i would go for tucanos

Shareen said...

Your dad should have chosen Sept. 1st instead of Aug. 15th. He'd have a better shot at winning...

Adam said...

What?! What the heck is that supposed to mean, Shareen?

ali said...

Adam, I have no idea what the big 12 is, it sounds like a secret committee that meets on a biannual basis to decide what direction to next take the world in.

I hope they're saving a seat for BYU-- only because it seems like it would make you and Dad and other people that I love happy and not because I actually know what it is.

Go cougs.

Shareen said...

I believe Sept. 1st is the MWC notification deadline if you want to leave for another conference for the 2011 season. Conferences have different deadlines. So if BYU gets an invite by Sept. 1st, they can play the 2011 season elsewhere. It would just give your dad another 2 weeks to hopefully be right!!

Shareen said...

So where did your dad take you to eat?