Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Utah Utes leave BYU behind

Hard to imagine a day any worse than this one.

I'm going to attempt to summarize simply how I feel tonight, but don't misunderstand: The ride I've been on, along with every other college football fan in this great country, has been a wild one.

Suffice it to say, my roller-coaster ride ended today when the Pac-10 announced it would add the Utah Utes to its numbers. Little did I know that after the ride I would be deposited into a swirling cesspool of cotton candy vomit depression.

I sailed through denial. Anger and bargaining were a breeze. But the depression stage is one tough nut to crack.

Here's why I'm down in the dumps:

The Utes and the Cougars have a symbiotic relationship. At least they did, anyway. We depended on each other.

We both hated each other, but we were partners. We built up the WAC together, we formed the MWC together, we fought against the BCS together. There were even positive signs that we would take the MWC to automatic-qualifier status. Together.

Now? not.

Utah jumped ship. I can't say I blame them. I would hope BYU would have done the same thing. I guess... it's just a shock to the system. I mean, Utah is a BCS-caliber team. They deserve to be in a BCS conference. I just find it so amazing that they would so willingly and quickly leave BYU behind given the chance. Where's the loyalty?

What's done is done I guess, but the unfortunate result is one of the greatest rivalries in college sports is flatlining. Don't kid yourself: Taking the conference implications away from our beloved rivalry game is like removing the teeth from an alligator. It's still big... but who cares?

Now we'll likely play each other in September, maybe even the first game of the season. No more will we fight for the conference championship, in any sport. Scheduling is optional now. Maybe we won't even play each other every year.

In other words... we have a new Utah State.

And what about Deseret First Credit Union?! Did anyone even consider their beloved Duel???

Now BYU fans like myself are asking themselves that old familiar question: "Will anything good happen to BYU ever again?" I mean what's the deal here... are we being punished? It sure feels like we're being punished.

Imagine watching your arch-nemesis fulfill your wildest dreams not once, not twice, but THRICE. Is there anything worse than that?

So now we sit. The news has broken, Utah's departure is imminent. There's just not much left for BYU fans to cling to. Some naive Cougars are still holding on to hope that the Big 12 will save us, but I know better. The MWC is our home. Now and forever.

Write it down everyone. June 16, 2010: The suckiest day in Utah sports history.


Eliot said...

I don't think you should write off the rivalry yet. Sure, it won't be the same, but there are cross-conference rivalries that are viable. USC-Notre Dame (which is played in October/November, depending on the site), for example, aren't in the same conference or times zone. And it won't be like Utah State, because (with apologies to Aggie fans) the programs at BYU and Utah are on the same level generally.

Of course rivalry is going to be affected, but I don't think it will diminish that much. The proximity and competitive level of play will keep the blood boiling.

Eliot said...
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Peter said...

The one good thing about this is that now they're out of our conference I feel no shame in cheering against them in every single game they play. No more of this "it's good for the conference" talk.

I have to admit, I wanted them to beat Alabama; I wanted them to win their bowl games. Now, I hope they lose every game they play. Now my hatred for them can grow to an all new level.

Tom said...

WoW, the bitterness is unbelievable! BYU has tried at least twice to leave with no thought for Utah. No, this is a great day for all Utahns and the teams they support. The rivalry will continue but with a different focus. BYU will be playing with renewed energy because they will want to defeat a PAC team and show their worthiness of a better conference to the world. Utah will feel the pressure to beat a "non conference" team and hatred from down south will reign supreme, ( ala Max Hall).
Y fans need not worry to much. It would be long before the Mountain "who care" conference disolves and BYU, TCU and maybe Boise leave for greener pastures. The NCAA and BCS would like to see conferences have a championship game. They are required to have 12 teams to do it. This will open doors eventually. lets hope it doesn't take 30 years.
The real tragedy for the Y is recruiting. The U will definately have the edge and the money. Their program should only get better. That isn't to say that the church won"t throw more money at the school. (can you say 11% tithing).
Anyway, take heart BYU can always follow BYU at Idaho and focus on academics.

Russ Nelson said...

I think I will grow to hate BS as much as I hate the Utes. I'm sad to see the rivalry change but I think a new one will arise based on the fact that BS hates Mormons too.

Shareen said...

Thanks for the post. It's about time!!