Wednesday, July 28, 2010

U could not survive without BYU

I woke up feeling a little bitter at the U. this morning. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm gonna roll with it.

I would like to ask Utah fans one question: How does it feel knowing your entire athletic program was built, and now thrives thanks entirely to BYU's good graces?

It may be offensive to my friends on the hill, but I am completely convinced that BYU has kept Utah alive and kicking lo these many years, and now has the power to give Utah's athletic program the death blow. How? By simply never playing them again.

Now that Utah is a lame duck in the MWC, this is the last year we'll really have to play them. After that we'll work out a schedule like we would with any other non-conference team. Therefore, we can choose not to schedule them at all. Ever again.

Can you imagine what that would be like? First of all, BYU would be fine. BYU fans love BYU, no matter who they play.

Utah fans however, would dwindle as each year passes. The Utes would ride the wave of their new-found Pac-10 stardom for the first few years, but soon they'd realize that football just isn't much fun without BYU.

The losses will pile up, the Bowl games will be less frequent, the undefeated seasons are a thing of the past, and suddenly the SLC hipsters will realize they'd rather be skiing and writing letters to Rocky Anderson than watching a mediocre Utah team. And with no BYU to fan the flames of their hate-dom, what's there to keep them interested in sports?

If BYU gave Utah the proverbial bird, and never played them again, within five years Utah's program would be at an all time low. Take it to the bank.

But fortunately for the Utes, BYU will never cut you off completely. We're just too darn benevolent.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The white lurp visits the Green Monster

I need to share something with my tight-knit family of blog readers: I fulfilled a lifelong dream a few days ago.

I saw the Red Sox play in Fenway.

I've always wanted to see a game in Fenway. I don't know why... I guess I've always been enchanted by the Park since I had that dream where I attended a BoSox game with Terrance Mann, and we both saw Archibald "Moonlight" Graham's name flash on the scoreboard...

Anyway, I digress.

The Sox got rocked that night (Tim Wakefield's knuckle ball just wasn't working), but being in Boston with my wife and cheering for the Sawx was definitely something I'll always remember. Please enjoy this small collection of pictures from my trip (click to enlarge).