Thursday, August 05, 2010

5 pre-season predictions

The long wait is over! After enduring months of meaningless regular season baseball games and the 24-hour-a-day Brett Favre watch, I'm happy to report that it's time for college football.

BYU players report tomorrow, and fall camp officially begins on Saturday. So that means I've been eating, drinking and sleeping BYU football.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the upcoming season, and while I'm no insider expert by any means, I've come up with a few predictions for the 2010 season. Please, indulge me.

1. Riley Nelson will start the first game of the season.

I am a Jake Heaps fan. The kid has some crazy talent, and he'll be a great QB at BYU, no doubt. But when I started thinking about it logically, I came to the conclusion that there's no way BYU will throw him to the dogs (Huskies, actually) so early. Riley Nelson will start vs. Washington.

2. BYU's defense will be VERY good.

There is a lot of young, raw talent on the defensive side of the ball for BYU in 2010. Guys like Zac Stout, Tayo Fabuluje and DeQuan Everett have all the measurables... just not the experience. Fortunately for BYU, Bronco Mendenhall recruits mature, disciplined players, and they'll be ready to answer the call.

I'm predicting a defense, led by Jordan Pendleton, Andrew Rich and others, that will be as good as any BYU defense we've seen in recent years.

3. BYU will beat Washington... lose to Florida State.

Despite having Jake Locker, the projected No. 1 draft pick of the 2011 draft, the Huskies will fall in Provo this year. BYU will come out swinging, and defense will be the deciding factor. BYU's got it, Washington doesn't. But, the magic won't last because BYU is going to get rocked at Florida State this year.

4. Drew Phillips will return a kick for a TD.

We've been waiting for it for years, but Drew Phillips, the speedy return man from Alabama, will return a kickoff for a touchdown in 2010.

5. BYU's final record in 2010 will be... 10-2

Losses at Florida State and TCU. It would seem that this is the year to pick the Y to struggle, but I just don't see many losses on the schedule for the Cougs.

There it is. There are my five predictions.


Andrew said...

I agree with your predictions, though I remain hopeful that Heaps still might start against Washington.

That is just my hope, though, and given Bronco's tendencies, I won't be surprised if Riley starts.

Ross said...

One reason not to think Riley starts vs. Washington is because the Washington defense plays against a running QB all the time... their own Jake Locker.

Evan said...

I am hoping the Beavs can help out the Cougs with a win over Boise St and/or TCU. They have a tough preseason schedule.