Monday, September 13, 2010

AFA Pick 'em scores are fugly

The Pick 'em scores were as ugly as the game on Saturday.

While I'm happy that most of you picked BYU to win, I'm sorry to report that it didn't help you in this week's ASB Pick 'em.

In fact only one person really benefited from the BYU loss. Inexplicably, Lesley W. picked Air Force to win, and has vaulted herself into the upper echelons of the leaderboard. Kudos, Lesley.

Cade T. also had a good week. While he didn't pick Air Force to win, Cade scored enough points to take our overall first-place spot.

Here are this week's scores:

Lesley W. 29
Cade T. 7
Eliot B. 0
Matt O. 0
Travis A. 0
Russ C. 0
Logan S. 0
Craig C. 0
Spencer V. 0
Seth S. 0
Fabian L. 0
Adam O. 0
Ross M. 0
Sam B. 0
Dan R. 0
Mike K. 0
Evan C. 0
The Boring Family 0
Casey J. 0
Justin L. 0
Trevor W. 0
Greg W. 0
Andrew T. 0
Russ N. 0
Jeris H. 0
Russ O. 0
Spencer C. 0
Andy O. 0
Chris W. 0
Kenny K. 0


Cade said...

I feel so alive!

Cade T. is a little obvious. Could you refer to me as C. Taylor?

Russ Nelson said...

Just go ahead and put me down for BYU losing by 21 the rest of the season. I've lost the will to care.
That was a tough pill to swallow

Evan said...

hahaha, just found humor in Russ Nelson's comment.

Shareen said...

I should have signed up. I got 48 points on for the first game and 0 for the second.