Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another shakeup: Week 4 pick 'em scores

This has been a wild four weeks of ASB pick 'em. In past seasons the question wasn't "Will BYU win?", the question was "How badly will BYU beat the poor saps on the opposite end of the field?".

The great BYU teams of the past three, four, five seasons have given us great times, but not much mobility on the ol' Pick 'em scoreboard.

Well, this season's a little different.

No one knows if BYU's going to finally get it going, or lose another heartbreaker. Scores are changing every week, winners one week are losers the next.

It's an exciting time at ASB. I hope you're enjoying the ride.

Here are this week's top scores:

Ross M. 26
Lesley W. 22
Trevor W. 20
Andrew T. 20
Spencer V. 20
Jeris H. 10
Seth S. 9
Travis A. 9
Kenny K. 9
Eliot B. 7
Jeff J. 7
Evan C. 23
Cade T. 7
Adam O. 6
Justin L. 4
Russ N. 4
Mike K. 4
Fabian L. 4
Spencer C. 4
Greg W. 4
Matt O. 3
Andy O. 3
Logan S. 2
Tyler B. 0
Russ O. 0


Aaron said...

Adam- Can you explain BYU Football to me? I'm just confused as to what happened so fast. Was Max Hall and Dennis Pitta really that good? Do you know what's going on, or are you in the same boat? I can accept that we're not gonna play too well, but Utah State was really a blow. My question is, why????

Anonymous said...

I can explain YBU Football, but it would only get censored and deleted by the thin skinned Adam's Sports Blog, maybe if you get a winning program or record you'll be back in the smack talk saddle again... maybe... but then again you'll probably delete this one too..

Adam said...

Dude, I keep deleting your comments because they're completely off topic. I mean, what's with the "praying for the gays" stuff? Where did that come from?

By the way, don't lecture me on how I run my blog when you don't even have the balls to leave your real name.

Anonymous said...

I get my "praying for gay stuff" from gay sports blogs like yours, and of course the local Newspapers, they were covering some fake conference something about BKP, I'm not sure what conference that is, it's probably not a real conference like the PAC, the Pacific Athletic Conference, it's more more like the WCC, Womens College Conference.

Classless Ute