Sunday, September 19, 2010

The good and bad from Saturday's loss

Honestly, I didn't expect we'd go into Florida State and beat the Seminoles. It was one of two unwinnable games on our schedule. I would have been thrilled with a victory, but I was already prepared to lose.

So as a result, I actually don't feel too* bad right now.

I think I may be on to something here...

Anyway, there was a lot of bad on the field on Saturday, but admit it, there was some good too. For example:

BAD: First and foremost, tackling. Wrap up boys! Either Florida State spent some time in the greaser before the game, or our defense needs to go back to seventh grade to learn how to tackle. Unbelievable.

GOOD: Jake Heaps has restored order to BYU's offense. Heaps is the guy. He's young, and he makes young mistakes, but he gives our team a much better chance to win.

BAD: The O-line lost some credibility. The supposed strength of our team let the Seminoles sack BYU QBs a whopping 8 times. Add to that QB hurries and knockdowns and we have a big problem on our hands.

GOOD: J.J. DiLuigi is officially a playmaker. JJ has to love BYU's offense right now. He's touching the ball on almost every play. And to his credit he's doing a lot with the opportunity. He consistently seems to be a bright spot.

BAD: We need to lock up our rush defense. FSU rushed for a mind-blowing 280 yards in Saturday's game. The problem surfaced vs. Washington, it was exposed vs. Air Force, and it continues to be a problem. We need to tighten up and eliminate the mistakes when we defend the run. And do it fast... like, before Nevada gets here.

GOOD: Our Pass defense looked decent. There were some big plays, but I was generally pretty happy with our pass defense. We were right on every receiver, the 'Noles just happened to make great throws and catches.

BAD: Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. This is the second game we've lost the turnover battle. Take care of that football, Cougs.

GOOD: It only gets better from here. The Cougs will go through some growing pains, and it will be painful, but we'll continue to get better. We won't lose forever, and there will be some very bright spots this season.

Looks like it'll be another long week. But it's only a week. I predict we'll come back strong at home this Saturday and put a hurt on the Nevada Wolfpack.

*Thanks for the edit, Ross

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the "magic" was a one week wonder, surely the Lord is more consistent than that?
Well any way maybe you should turn your prayers to praying the gay out of people.
And good luck with that one too....