Monday, September 06, 2010

Putting the hurt on Locker

Jake Locker didn't impress me all to much on Saturday evening. His stats look pretty good, but he didn't live up to the hype.

All we BYU fans heard through fall camp was Locker this and Locker that. He's the best athlete in the world, he's a Heisman favorite, he'll be the first pick in the NFL draft and he raised a young boy in the Seattle area from the dead.

But when the rubber met the road at LaVell Edwards Stadium, the BYU defense contained the awesome power of Locker.

Ol' Jake couldn't lead his team to victory in the season opener.

BYU's front seven is to thank for stopping Locker. They're bigger, stronger and faster than they were when we faced Jake Locker the first time in 2008. Vic So'oto and Jordan Pendleton, for example, are massive upgrades over their 2008 counterparts. It showed on Saturday, as Jake Locker only rushed for about 30 yards.

To me the best athlete on the field for Washington wasn't Locker, but running back Chris Polk. Polk ran for 92 yards against BYU, and found yards even when the holes were closing all around him. He looked good.

But BYU's defense looked better. Overall the Cougs did a great job holding the line and stopping Washington when it counted most. Plays were made on all three levels, including Eathyn Manumaleuna's pass deflection on fourth and six, Jordan Pendleton's sack in the third quarter, and Brian Logan's strong pass break up in the end zone on a crucial third down.

Locker and the UW offense were a big test for the Cougar defense, and I'm happy to say they passed with flying colors.

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Trav said...

tell me about it. living in Seattle, it has been all locker, all the time. he is the northwest version of tebow. UW fans worship him more than green bay fans used to worship favre. I've even people in my office wear "WWLD" shirts. Yes, that stands for "What would Locker do?"

So nice to beat them.