Friday, September 10, 2010

Send in your scores

Hey Cougar fans, another week of Pick 'em is upon us! This week BYU plays Air Force in Colorado Springs at 2 p.m.

Be sure to send me your predictions before kickoff.

There are two ways you can send me your scores:

1. By email. Send your scores to AdamsSportsBlog (at) gmail (dot) com

2. By comments. Leave your name and score in the comments section of this post.

Go Cougs!

(New to Pick 'em? No problem. There's still plenty of time to get on board. Click here to read all about ASB Pick 'em, and get playing!)


Ross said...

Adam, it would be nice if you put an article together dedicated to last year's Pick 'Em champion.

Sam Boyle said...

I missed one game of pick 'em but I am coming back with a vengeance.

BYU 28
Air Force 17

Evan said...

Dang it, I am upset I missed game one pick 'em because in another pool I picked BYU 21-17.

Anyway this week I will go with more points for the Cougs...

BYU 34
AF 24

The Boring Family said...

BYU 27
AFA 21

Greg said...

BYU 35
AF 10