Tuesday, September 07, 2010

So close to perfection: Week one Pick 'em scores

On Saturday, BYU scored with a safety, two field goals, two touchdowns, an extra point and a two-point conversion.

Add it all together and it comes to 23 points. Enough to win, obviously, but not enough to give Kenny, Seth and Russ a perfect score in week one for the inaugural ASB Pick 'em contest.

All three picked a 24-17 BYU victory. So close.

They'll have to be content to share the top of the leaderboard for now. But the lead is a slim one. A lot of people made some very good guesses, and points are plentiful.

And then there are the three pitiful souls who picked BYU to lose. Benjy, PJ and Lesley. Shame on you all. I hope you learned your lesson.

Here are week one's scores:

Name Score
Seth 39
Kenny 39
Russ Olsen 39
Cade 38
Ross 37
Andrew Theriault 36
Adam 35
Justin 35
Logan 35
Tyler 35
Spencer Cotterell 31
Fab 30
Chris Welsh 28
Becky 27
Jeff J. 27
Russ Cleveland 26
Andy 26
Jeris 25
Travis 25
Eliot 20
Trizz 20
Russ 20
Matt 20
Benjy 9
PJ 9
Lesley 4

It's not too late to play! Anything can happen in ASB pick 'em, so if you'd still like to get in on the action simply send your BYU game predictions to AdamsSportsBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

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