Tuesday, September 07, 2010

When Non-AQs attack

I hate Utah most, and Boise State is a close second. TCU isn't too far behind. But all three of those teams made me smile this weekend.

Seeing a cadre of over-payed, over-hyped, bungling BCS coaches try to bring down the Non-AQ powerhouses is quite entertaining to me.

Frank Beamer, head coach of Virginia Tech, was a perfect example last night. I got a special joy out of watching Beamer's dumbfounded look as the BSU Broncos beat up his Hokies in every facet of the game.

Dave Wannstedt, of the Pittsburgh Panthers, has both college and NFL teams on his coaching resume. But his team, which was picked to win the Big East, looked absolutely awful against the Utes. They looked like they had never defended the forward pass before.

The same can be said of Washington fans, who strolled into LaVell Edwards Stadium on a sunny September afternoon convinced that their Huskies would roll all over the BYU Cougars.

TCU beat Oregon State, whose coach (Mike Riley) I actually like. But the BCS Beavers couldn't get it done over the supposedly inferior non-BCS Horned Frogs.

AQ coaches, fans and players need a serious reality check. There are some big boys among the non-AQ ranks, and when your team lines up against them you better be ready. Learn from the mistakes of your fallen brethren.


Eliot said...

I wish I could be happy about Boise St. and Utah winning, but I just hate those guys so much. Maybe you think that's wrong, but I just can't help it.

ali said...

did you really use the word cadre?