Thursday, September 16, 2010

You know what? BYU's gonna be just fine

I loved being a student at BYU. It was the time of my life. But I definitely noticed that my fellow students generally fell into two categories.

There were guys like me and my friends who were always good students, but didn't freak out if they got the occasional B on a test.

Then there are the kids who would freak out. Freak out big time. These kids get 4.0s their whole lives, and a blemish on their record is unacceptable. Seriously, BYU kids are under pressure these days.

Unfortunately that ugly pattern has creeped into the minds of some BYU sports fans. When we lose, it's like heaven is collapsing on us and the world will swallow us into its depths. Suddenly the coaches suck, the players suck, there's backbiting and discontent in the locker room and our best players are going to transfer away.


The rumor mongers know to strike us when we're most vulnerable.

When we lose I get upset, sure. What fan doesn't? It's tough to see your favorite team get beat up. But sour and crazy are two different things. I don't think I ever get crazy enough to assume I know what's best for the football team over, say, the coaches.

I'm pretty sure they've got a good handle on things.

Bronco hates losing just as much as we do, I'll wager, and he knows his team a whole heck of a lot better. Air Force was good, okay? And they played out of their minds. BYU was unprepared to face that option attack, and our offense sputtered uncharacteristically. But don't take that one loss as a sign of black clouds on the horizon.

The loss hurts, but we'll be okay. Jake Heaps isn't going to transfer, Bronco Mendenhall is still an amazing coach and we will win again. Don't be the uptight student who needs straight A's. It's a lot more fun to enjoy the ride.


Evan said...

Floriday St 30
BYU 24

ali said...

sports is so much more simple for me:

we won-- YAY!

We lost-- bummer. What's for dinner?