Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The creepy guy in the stands at the Cougar Tipoff

Yep, that was me. I was all by myself tonight at the Cougar Tipoff.

But hanging out with my fellow loners, mostly just the weird old guys, wasn't going to stop me from getting a preview of what could turn out to be the best BYU basketball team ever.

I had a great time tonight watching our guys. Everyone in attendance, my fellow BYU superfans, were charged and excited to see our boys in blue (and white). And the team delivered a fun night, and a little insight.

Now I'm no expert, but I did see a few things tonight I want to share. I decided to group the players into different categories to organize my thoughts about what I saw tonight.

Here's how it went down:

Unstoppable Force

Jimmer Fredette. Good news everyone: Jimmer is back, and he's still got it. His long range game was on, his twisting/turning/conniving ways were working at the rim, and even his acne has cleared up a ton. Can't wait to ride the Jimmer Wagon this year.

Most Impressive

Nick Martineau. Way better than I remember. He'll be a good backup PG.
James Anderson. Smooth in the post. Cautiously optimistic about Mr. Anderson.
Kyle Collinsworth. Creates his own shot and makes the most of possessions.
Logan Magnusson. Big defense. Smothered his guy all night.


Charles Abouo. Athletic, quick first step, awesome on defense.
Brandon Davies. Flirted with the MIA list, but had a really nice second half.
Stephen Rogers. Knocked down his first threeball, solid on boards and D.

Missing In Action

Jackson Emery. Struggled to find any rhythm.
Anson Winder. Didn't really make an impact. May be a RS year.
Chris Collinsworth. He looks good, still a little mission-rusty.
Brock Zylstra. Didn't do anything... but no big deal.
Noah Hartsock. Literally MIA. Didn't play due to injury.

Nick Martineau was the surprise of the game for me. He looked really comfortable running the point, and he should back up Jimmer nicely.

I also really liked the play of Logan Magnusson. He was downright gritty on defense. He reminded me of a young Matt Harpring. If he can come in and knock a few guys around Harpring-style this year, I'll be pleased.

Good look at the Cougs tonight. Can't wait till we face Quebec City's pride and joy, LaVal University, in an epic grudge match this Friday night.

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Russ Nelson said...

It must be tough to start the season with such a huge grudge match like LaVal. Hope the Cougs can handle them. I'm stoked for basketball season and I'm glad to your basketball desire is still there.