Sunday, October 10, 2010

A lotta 40s: SDSU Pick 'em scores

Sheesh. Kudos to you guys. Three people got perfect 40s this week, while another three were only two points shy of perfection.

Clearly this was a good week for the Cougars and the fans that love them.

Meanwhile I... picked BYU to lose. But don't worry, I was punished for my lack of faith. My name just keeps sliding more and more down the leaderboard.

But this week isn't about me. It's about the new BYU. There's a glimmer of optimism on the horizon this season, and with more games like yesterday's we might be planning a play date in December after all.

Here are this week's top scores:

Jeff J. 40
Russ N. 40
Seth S. 40
Evan C. 38
Ross M. 38
Spencer V. 38
Jeris H. 33
Spencer C. 33
Tyler B. 33
Russ O. 32
Fabian L. 30
Kenny K. 30
Craig C. 26
Justin L. 26
Justin L. 26
Matt O. 26
Eliot B. 22
Andy O. 20
Mike K. 20
Adam O. 7
Benjy R. 7
Cade T. 7
Chris W. 7
Logan S. 7
Trevor W. 6
Andrew T. 3
Lesley W. 0
Travis A. 0

Next week we travel to Ft. Worth Texas to take on the No. 4 TCU Horned Frogs. Will it be another slaughter at the hands of the Froggies, or could it be the upset of the century?

I await your picks.

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