Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More drama: Wyoming Pick 'em scores

BYU has this weird way of looking like a top-25 team in the first quarter, and then Weber State for the rest of the game.

Last Saturday we jumped out to a quick 16 point lead over the Wyoming Cow-pokes, only to hang on for our dear lives to notch a 25-20 win. Our defense had to come up with a big fourth quarter, fourth down play, and yet again the offense left us all wanting a little bit more.

Nah, a lot more.

But the good news is this week was very good news for most of you. Pretty much everyone cashed in on the Cougar win. Only one person picked BYU to lose, and she knows who she is.

Craig C. was one point away from a perfect score. Maybe he'll give last year's champ, Ross M., a run for his money as we approach the home stretch. Pick well over the next few weeks, players. Use this bye week to make the necessary changes.

Here are this week's scores:

Craig C. 39
Trevor W. 36
Cade T. 36
Mike K. 35
Fabian L. 34
Ross M. 33
Russ N. 33
Evan C. 32
Benjy R. 32
Kenny K. 32
Travis A. 31
Chris W. 31
Andrew T. 31
Logan S. 30
Jeff J. 29
Tyler B. 29
Justin L. 29
Seth S. 27
Jeris H. 27
Adam O. 27
Russ O. 23
Matt O. 21
Eliot B. 20
Spencer C. 20
Lesley W. 3

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