Thursday, November 04, 2010

The breakout game

We've been waiting for it all season, but will this finally be the week BYU breaks out of its season-long offensive slump?

I've asked the experts, and they all agree: Yes. With gusto.

BYU scores more than 30 this week. Mark it down, slap it on the table and call it an ASB guarantee. Granted, given the history of BYU a 30 point game isn't exactly "breakout," but all things considered it will be a positive sign in the midst of this confusing season.

Our explosive point output will be a function of three phenomena: The bye week, BYU's growing confidence, and the hapless, almost comical efforts of the UNLV Rebels.

First, the bye. Having last week off will prove to be huge for the Cougs. The biggest thing BYU needs right now is reps, and an extra week of practice is just what the doctor ordered. Playmakers are healthier, plays are mastered and the team is hungry.

Second, BYU's confidence is growing. I saw a funny thing when we played Wyoming a couple weeks ago, namely BYU kids making an effort. Our receivers were going after balls and I saw a little fire. I think BYU's confidence is growing and it'll produce dividends on Saturday.

Third, and finally, UNLV is just... awful. They are ranked No. 118 out of 120 in rushing defense. They are No. 99 in total defense. They'll also be playing in Provo where studies have shown they become disoriented by the tall mountains. BYU will run over them, and use the play-action to make some big plays over the top.

BYU is about to collide with a big confidence builder on Saturday. Get ready to take one more important step toward the New Mexico Bowl.


Little Bra said...

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Shareen said...

Thanks heavens you were right! Dead right!! Oh happy day!!!