Monday, November 08, 2010

Gaining ground: UNLV Pick 'em scores

Saturday was such a great day. And let's get one thing clear: It was great first and foremost because BYU finally played a complete game and blew UNLV out of the water.

Anything that happened in Salt Lake City was just icing on the cake.

As far as this week's scores go, BYU caught every one of us off guard. Even my brother Andy, who picked BYU to score 42, underestimated the potency of BYU's offense on Saturday. I mean really, 55 points? Who could have seen that coming?

Good week though, pickers. Let's use all the positive energy in the universe to keep the ball rolling as we visit Ft. Collins next week.

Here are this week's scores:

Adam O. 27
Chris W. 27
Spencer C. 27
Fabian L. 26
Justin L. 25
Jeff J. 24
Lesley W. 24
Matt O. 24
Mike K. 24
Ross M. 24
Seth S. 24
Travis A. 23
Trevor W. 23
Evan C. 21
Andrew T. 20
Andy O. 20
Benjy R. 20
Cade T. 20
Craig C. 20
Eliot B. 20
Jeris H. 20
Kenny K. 20
Russ N. 20
Spencer V. 20
Tyler B. 20

1 comment:

Russ Nelson said...

3rd is the highest I have ever been. I'm on your heals Cade and Ross.