Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lucky suckers: Utah pick 'em scores

I just have to keep my eyes open. As long as I do that I'm fine.

The minute I close my eyes I see that blocked field goal... the one that kept us from beating Utah. The one that gave the Utes an undeserved win.

So I'll be staying awake for a little while.

In the meantime, I must admit: I was excited to see this week's scoreboard. I knew this week would determine the winner, and I couldn't wait to see what happened. Could the defending champion Ross hold off the surging Cade? Who would have the guts to pick the Utes? Could I make a miraculous comeback?

See for yourselves: Here are this week's scores:

Name Total Score
Andrew T. 29
Matt O. 22
Benjy R. 20
Cade T. 20
Andy O. 10
Craig C. 10
Jeris H. 10
Kenny K. 10
Mike K. 10
Justin L. 8
Russ O. 8
Fabian L. 7
Adam O. 6
Ross M. 6
Seth S. 6
Trevor W. 4
Lesley W. 3
Spencer C. 3
Travis A. 3
Chris W. 0
Eliot B. 0
Evan C. 0
Jeff J. 0
Russ N. 0
Spencer V. 0

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