Tuesday, November 09, 2010

One great day

Remember how awesome last Saturday was?

I'm thinking last Saturday at around 2:00, specifically. At that time BYU was dropping bombs on UNLV, and then the big board flashed the score from the TCU/Utah game.

Plenty of reasons for BYU fans to be happy.

Let's be clear, though: Saturday was awesome first and foremost because BYU won. We finally put together a complete game, and our young players unlocked the magic and figured out how to play football. Jake Heaps looked like the QB of the future, and our receivers were actually catching balls and making plays.

In case you forgot, BYU scored 55 big ones. We didn't even score 55 in 2006 when UNLV came to town. We fared better against UNLV than Utah, TCU and Wisconsin. I'm not saying we compare with those teams, just that we finally put some big time points on the board and it feels freakin' good.

Jake Heaps was brilliant. He looked poised, under control and calm in the pocket. He made some throws that still have me giddy, and he looked like he was having a lot of fun out there. This is a lad with potential, and we got a glimpse of what he can one day become.

It's too bad the defense couldn't hold the shut-out (UNLV scored with 40 seconds left in the game), but you've gotta love the impact Bronco is having on this unit. What a turnaround!

Now let's have a frank and open discussion about the Utah game. The second reason we were so happy on Saturday.

As you know, I picked Utah to win. I picked it not because I wanted it, but because I expected the Utes to come out fired up and prepared for the Horned Frog onslaught.

And to their credit, the Utes were actually in the game... until kickoff. The rest is history, and I've never been happier to be wrong.

I don't want to mock Utah fans (even though I could). What I do want to do is throw this game in the faces of every media member in Utah that labeled this "The biggest game in the history of Utah athletics, and perhaps the human race."

My personal favorite was this story in the Salt Lake Tribune about Utah playing in the Rose Bowl BEFORE they are actually members of the Pac-12. Oh brother.

The No. 5 Utes were sitting on a pedestal which could be seen from space, and they were just ripe for a huge fall. Fall they did. Welcome back to reality guys.

I am happy Utah lost. Newfound, church leadership-inspired brotherhood aside, Utah is BYU's rival. And the fact that they blew this huge game makes me want to write poetry:

a haiku

GameDay, blackout Utes
Biggest game in history
Cheers ring from Provo

So now, in the aftermath, I feel great about both BYU and Utah. BYU sees light at the end of the tunnel, Utah is just entering theirs.


Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

Adam, I read this on reader, but wanted to come and leave a comment. Great article. Great Haiku (you should come teach me creative writing class).

Shareen said...

Loved the Haiku!