Friday, December 17, 2010

Don’t tell me what happens!

If you have my cell phone number, don’t use it on Saturday. Normally I encourage any and every BYU fan to share their excitement or anguish with me, but on Saturday I want to be off the grid.

I won’t be able to watch either the New Mexico Bowl or the BYU basketball game against UCLA tomorrow.

I’m broken up about it, but there’s nothing I can do. My only solution is to stay up extremely late to watch ESPN re-broadcast the football game, and record the basketball game for a later viewing.

It should be a good day for BYU fans, though. I’m guessing we’ll blow UTEP off the map, and I predict a win over UCLA as well.

Incidentally if that does happen, if BYU wins both games, I stand to gain quite a few Slurpees from unsuspecting betting co-workers. I get one if BYU beats UCLA, and another if BYU beats UTEP by more than 20 points.

I think I’ve got this thing in the bag. Sugar rush come Monday morning.

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