Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The minor, Miner bowl

So we're headed to Albuqueerque.

No doubt you all already know that BYU is headed to the New Mexico Bowl to play the UTEP Miners in what ESPN is calling the 32nd worst bowl game of the season.

Not really a lot there to get excited about. UTEP is one of the worst bowl-eligible teams in the country, and BYU doesn't look that much better at 6-6. The one thing the NM Bowl has going for it is the fact that it's the first bowl of the season.

Yeah it doesn't look that great, but you know what? I'm still fully invested. I couldn't be more excited to put a beat down on the hapless Miners and use this bowl win as a springboard into what's sure to be a 2011 to remember.

No doubt about it, the new-look Cougars are much better than their record implies. Our defense is freaky, and our offense has finally figured out how to move the ball with effectiveness. We are a much better team than UTEP, and I expect nothing less than a complete blow out. I predict BYU wins by 30, and we'll all be left with our tongues wagging, begging for another game. BYU will go out on a huge high note.

That's why I like this bowl game. It may not be the most compelling matchup, but the win will be huge for our confidence. The extra practices will be invaluable, the game will be a good experience for our young players, and the win will fill the program with positivity heading into independence next year. Plus, in a season like this you take what you can get. Remember: we looked awful earlier this year.

So bring on UTEP, I say. Bring on The Land of Enchantment, bring on Bowl season and bring on the dirt, dust and grime of Albuquerque. We probably won't ever come back, so let's wreck that dump.

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Shareen said...

I'm just glad to be going to a bowl--esp. one that we should win. Not so for the Spewts. I expect it will be a beat-down by BSU...one I don't want to miss!