Friday, March 04, 2011

A silver lining

Brace yourselves, this post is gonna be a little heavy.

Like I mentioned before, I've run the emotional gamut since I heard about Brandon Davies' dismissal from the BYU basketball team. Well, I'm happy to report that today I've reached a peaceful, transcendent state.

I'm not sure how long it will last, so I figured I'd better write about it now.

In case you didn't know, BYU held a big press conference yesterday featuring Tom Holmoe, Dave Rose and spokesperson Carri Jenkins. They decided to do it because the questions and requests for information about the Honor Code were overwhelming--especially from the national media.

It was then that I started thinking: Maybe some good will come out of this awful situation after all.

At a time when BYU had the country's undivided attention, suddenly the Honor Code (and to some extent the standards of the Mormon Church) were brought to center stage. The verdict? BYU is an institution to be respected and, by comparison, a beacon of light in the murky, unethical and sometimes corrupt world of college athletics.

Our coaches and athletes keep talking about exposure, and this is the right kind of exposure for BYU.

Consider these reports from the national media:
And that's just a few of the many, many stories that have come forward in support of BYU.

It's extremely unfortunate that these stories had to come at the expense of a good person, but the good news is Brandon is being taken care of. He's working his way back, he has the support of the school, his team and the fans, and when he comes back he'll be received with open arms.

I feel completely awful for Jimmer and Jackson, two senior guards that deserved the magical season we were about to have, but there is a silver lining to this mess.


Benjamin said...

Great post and outstanding points. I know I've had a LOT of conversations with friends all over the country during the past 72 hours about the Honor Code and the standards of the Church. A friend in Boston tells me that half of the calls to sports radio stations there since Wednesday have had to do with BYU, and that all of the fathers swear they're sending their daughters to Provo for college.

TheShippenFamily said...

Love your post!! I really feel bad for Brandon and his girlfriend. Yes they made the mistake but to have it so public is unfortunate.

Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs said...

From what I can tell, you are either in stage 5 (the upward turn) or stage 7 (acceptance and hope) of the 7 stages of grief. I'm glad we are all past the anger and depression stages.

ali said...

I'm so thrilled with Brandon's ability to come forward that it's hard for me to even see a downside. This is a win guys-- a win for Brandon, a win for BYU and a win for morality. It's so refreshing to see someone do the hard and publicly humiliating thing in the name of honesty and virtue rather than bow to the almighty hand of sports and season.

Shareen said...

I too feel bad for Jimmer and Jax (and Coach Rose). It seems so unfair--but such is life. I'm glad Davies was at the game with the team and got to cut down the nets. That was awesome to see! Let's win the MWC tournament anyways!!