Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hangin' with Jimmer

Have you heard of the Jimmer poster yet? You should have. Dick Harmon wrote all about the thing, and Tom Kirkland was all over it too.

How do I know? I was there.

That's right. A buddy of mine, Bryce Randle of Post Fifth Pictures, was tapped to put together a "behind the scenes" look at the making of the poster, and he asked me if I wanted to tag along.

I dropped what I was doing and drove over.

The experience was pretty cool. As we were setting up equipment, more and more people began to arrive. Harmon, Kirkland, some sports personalities from UVU, and then Jimmer. When Jimmer walked into the room, a hush fell on those gathered. We parted ways as Jimmer passed through our midst. It was awesome, and I am not lying one tiny bit.

Bryce let me hold some stuff and shuffle some equipment around to make it look like I was actually doing something, but mostly I was just a spectator. Bryce just knows I'm a BYU geek, and would love just being in the same room as The Jimmer. He was dead right.

Anyway, you should all go buy Jimmer's poster to commemorate the only player in BYU basketball HISTORY to win all 6 major Player of the Year awards. Hold on, let that sink in a moment: Of all the greats who have donned BYU blue over the years, not one has done what Jimmer has done. What an amazing player. Buy the dang poster, will ya?

By the way, here's the "Making of" video. See if you can spot my ugly mug.


Bryce said...

Nice tribute Adam. Glad you had fun. You should be proud of yourself. We used a couple shots from your camera.

Andy Schem said...

Great Tribute..... Come check out my blog at

Shareen said...

Lucky...though Jimmer did touch my fingers as he was leaving the football field at halftime when the BB players came out last fall. We were sitting in row 4 in the south endzone and leaned over the railing as the players left the field. At the time, I wanted the high five from Jackson (he was my favorite player), but he left on the other side of the portal. I guess I should have never washed that hand....