Thursday, August 04, 2011

Answering Greg

I'm a huge Greg Wrubell fan. I think KSL and BYU were given a great gift when Greg Wrubell stepped on the scene. As the BYU play-by-play man, Greg has proven to be entertaining, insightful, enthus and more prepared than a Mormon Boy Scout.

In his latest blog post, Greg asked some questions about the upcoming season. It was kind of a "Here's what I'll be looking for" kind of blog post with no real answers.

Until now. I'm taking it upon myself to answer Greg's questions. And no, I'm not seeking any money or accolades for knowing the un-knowable. Just come on back and give me some credit when I turn out to be 100% right.*

GW: "Who will emerge as the top tight end?"

AO: Devin Mahina. At least, he'll gobble up all the numbers. Austin Holt will be a great "Behind the scenes" kind of guy, blocking and what-not, but Mahina will prove to be the No. 1 pass-catcher.

GW: "How will the safety situation play out?"

AO: Here's how: Daniel Sorenson wills start at Free, and Travis Uale at Strong. No one will unseat Uale, as much as we'd like it to be Hague. Joe Sampson and DeQuan Everett will be the phantoms standing on the sidelines, and we Cougar fans will be forced to wonder "What if?"

GW: "How will speedster Drew Phillips be used?"

AO: He won't. I was excited about Drew Phillips, but I think this dude's a gonner. An academic casualty who will probably finish his career at another school.

GW: "Will we see the return of the slot receiver position?"

AO: Only if it's Jacobson. If we have to rely on Falslev or DiLuigi, it's not gonna happen.

GW: "How quickly will the first-string front seven come together?"

AO: This is going to be a nasty, flame-broiled, juiced-up front seven, and they will be the strongest combined unit on our team. Every starter talks about the bond they have with the rest of the group, and it'll show early and often.

GW: "Can WR Ross Apo live up to the hype?"

AO: Yes. Emphatically. If you thought Cody Hoffman was the real deal, wait till you see Ross Apo.

GW: "(Who will win) the position battle at center between Terence Brown and Houston Reynolds?"

AO: Pass.

GW: "Which true freshman will make the greatest immediate impact?"

AO: The obvious answer is Ryker Mathews. And it's the right answer. Ryker is the only true freshman to be with the team since January, and he's already cracked the two-deep. Ryker will be a superstar when all is said and done.

GW: "How badly will the injury bug bite?"

AO: A lot of pulled hammies, a lot of twisted ankles, the word "contusion" will pop up fairly regularly, but nothing serious. Unless we play Nevada again. Stupid Nevada.

GW: "How sharp will new Offensive Coordinator Brandon Doman's offense look?"

AO: Exceedingly sharp. I base that on the last half of last season, which I believe was captained principally by Doman. I think Jake Heaps "gets" Doman, and I think we'll pick up where we left off in 2010.

GW: "Which four players will make up the starting secondary on September 3rd?"

AO: Eason, Buckner, Uale and Sorenson. Write it down.

GW: "Is Jordan Pendleton all the way back?"

AO: Yes. Yes he is. And he will rise up and smite his enemies to the ground with vengeance. He'll lead the team in tackles for loss, he'll knock at least one QB out for the year, and he'll bring back the mohawk we all loved so much. JP won't blink or crack a single smile during the season. And next year, he'll be cashing NFL checks.

*Note: The above commentary was written by a fan who has absolutely no inside information whatsoever. He likes to pretend he does, but he doesn't. Don't let his confident tone fool you, he doesn't know what he's talking about.


Trevor Perkins said...

I think you're great on twitter and you're blog isn't shabby either! Great article, great answers--too bad about Drew Phillips, I was excited for him too but it doesn't look like it is to be.

Of course, I'm as blue-goggled as you, so of course I like what you have to say.

Russ Nelson said...

I don't believe you.

Jarred Belman said...

Cool blog. Check mine out @

Shareen said...

Stupid Nevada. Amen. Also I hope you are right about JP more than anything else!