Saturday, September 17, 2011

A September rivalry

It's the night before the BYU Utah game, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Usually the night before the big game is like Christmas Eve for me. This year it's more like St. Patrick's Day Eve.

I admit, I miss the season-long buildup to the rivalry game. I feel like one of the country's great rivalries has been damaged by the greed and selfishness of college football realignment. However, that's a subject for another day. It's time to try and get fired up for The Holy War.

I am cautiously optimistic about tomorrow's game. I'm kind of feeling like a frightened animal after last week's pathetic display, but in the back of my mind I can't shake the thought that the Cougs might just turn a corner against those dirty Utes.

The big matchup will be Jake Heaps versus the tall and speedy Utah defensive backfield. Jake shouldn't have a problem finding an open guy, but it may not be the first or even second guy. Settle down, Jake, take a deep breath and go through your progressions. I'm thinking he needs to look at the tight ends especially.

In order for Jake to succeed, the o-line needs to start living up to their billing as one of the top in the country. Give ol' Jake some time, open some holes for our mediocre RBs and start playing like the big boys you are.

On D, we'll be just fine. Seriously. Is it bad that I'm not worried about Utah's offense, even slightly? Actually, yes it is bad. Utah, just like BYU, is primed to explode. They've got athletes everywhere, and a QB who can get them the ball... Occasionally. We should be able to handle the Utes' offense, but let's not take them for granted.

Tomorrow we open the home season at LaVell Edwards Stadium. I can't wait to smell the grass, feel the hard metal bench on my rump and cheer till my voice is hoarse. I think BYU rides a wave of emotion to a convincing win tomorrow, and I'll finally be able to read the sports sectiion again.

BYU: 27
Utah: 14


Anonymous said...

I've resisted and held myself back from posting on your blog for months now. I finally had a chance to read your latest pregame prediction and can’t help myself. You are really off the mark on a few points but heck I’m no oracle of college sports either. I’m no prophet but I look into the future it seems to me, that as your cherished football program drives further down the road of irrelevancy with every indy contract ESPN game that is televised, that we may actually be watching the rebirth of the finest Mating Academy in all of Utah County. You know a return to the good ol’ days of pushing out the best nannies and grade school teachers in a twenty mile radius. Heck the future of your blog may be play by play recaps of your weekend firesides, so you have that to look forward to, which is nice

Just another classless Ute

Adam said...

Oh really? I was off the mark? Huh. Thanks for pointing that out.