Sunday, September 11, 2011


In this instance, I hate that I was right.

Yeah, I called a Texas win. Yes, I said it would be close. I was even pretty close to the final score. But I feel like I just kissed my sister. I don't ever want to predict a BYU loss ever again.

But unfortunately, the way we played yesterday I might have to.

I can't remember another game in which we looked so completely different from half to half. In the first two quarters we were dominant on offense and defense. Heaps looked like he was poised, in control, and getting better and better as the game progressed.

On defense, we were impenetrable. We were causing turnovers and stopping the Longhorns dead in their tracks.

So what the hades happened at halftime?!

We came out in the third quarter and inexplicably decided to stop doing everything that was working for us in quarters one and two. Heaps stopped throwing to the receivers, Doman stopped calling pass plays, the defense stopped tackling.

It was completely frustrating. It felt like I was watching a team that thought they had already done enough to win, and was trying whatever they could to milk the clock and end the game.

And that leads me to our QB and offensive coordinator. Warning: If you hate BYU fans who complain about QBs and OCs, skip this paragraph. Based on two straight games, I am supremely disappointed in the Heaps/Doman tandem we were once so excited about. Heaps isn't making the reads, and Doman isn't calling the plays we need to have success on offense. It looked like we were headed in the right direction in the first half of yesterday's game, but we regressed big time in the third quarter. All the talent we have on offense is going to waste. Especially when we call the same freaking pass play to the tailback every single time.

I am really starting to hate that play.

We've got tall, athletic, speedy receivers. Give them the ball! Austin Holt and Richard Wilson were making plays all day. Get them the ball!

One bright spot was Justin Sorenson. You know he was challenged this week to improve, and that he did. He knocked in three big field goals, and he deserves some credit for bouncing back from a forgettable week one.

I think we'll get better. Obviously, we've got some things to figure out. But it's a long season, and hopefully we won't have to live through painful games like yesterday's anymore this year.

I still think we beat Utah next week, but not nearly as big as I originally thought. Now I'm thinking it'll be another close game. Get ready for it.

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