Friday, September 09, 2011

Will BYU get Hooked by the 'Horns?

Ugh. What a lame title. I'm sorry everybody.

I hate myself for what I'm about to write. Believe me, I want nothing more than to talk about tomorrow's game at Texas, but I'm warning you right now: You're not going to like what I have to say.

I think the Cougs will suffer a tough loss tomorrow.

Ugh. That was tough to write. Feels like someone is stabbing me in the eyeball with flaming skewers. But if it's any consolation, I think it'll be a close loss. No? No consolation whatsoever? Sorry about that.

Working for us: Texas' inexperience and lack of leadership. The Longhorns started something like 15 freshmen last week vs. Rice. They've got talent, but lack game experience.

Also, when Colt McCoy graduated, Texas hasn't really had a field general who can take control of the troops. They're definitely prime to get rattled.

Working against us
: Offensive momentum. Texas didn't beat the heck out of Rice last week, but they had a very strong fourth quarter in which they scored points, racked up yards and built confidence.

BYU had a similarly strong second half, but still come in to Texas Memorial Stadium with the memories of a forgettable offensive performance in Ole Miss.

Now we face a better team with better athletes in a more hostile environment. Let's hope our Cougs worked out the kinks in our offense this week.

BYU Will Win If: Now don't get me wrong, BYU will definitely have a chance in this game. Our defense will make sure of that. And if we can keep the ball for a long time, sustain and FINISH drives, open some running lanes and make room for an open passing game... then we just might pull it out.

The real battle will be in the trenches. If our O-line can give Jake Heaps time and Heaps can relax and get in a rhythm in the pocket, then I like our chances.

If we can play clean football, put pressure on Big Chief Gilbert (Texas' QB... can't remember his first name... Dwayne?) and finish our offensive drives, then yes, we will win.

Key player: Corby Eason. Eason needs to be nails. He needs to lock up his man and keep his head on a swivel. I'm not worried about our safeties, our 'backers or our d-line. I am a little concerned with our corners. Eason in particular. I know he's a good player, but he'll be tested early and often.

Prediction: This will be one of those "What could have been" games (think UCLA 2007). If the ball bounces our way one or two times we might win. But it won't. Texas 21, BYU 17.

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Logan said...

Probably my least favorite article from this blog. I'll be at the game today - I like BYU's chances.