Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sad day for BYU, great day for Twitter

The news hit Provo like a kick to the spine: TCU has been invited to join the Big 12.

Rather than sulk, get angry or overreact, I took the opportunity to sit back and watch the BYU fan meltdown unfold.

You know I'm a Twitter guy, right? Well here's a sampling of the best tweets I saw on this, the day that the Big 12 left BYU behind:

EVERYBODY PANIC! Seriously, I'm not making a sarcastic joke- it's time to panic.

This BYU stuff is lmost enough to drive them to drink.... a dr pepper

If #BYU and Cecil O. Samuelson truly said no to Big 12, I've bought my last ticket in Provo, bought my last shirt. This is heinous.

I just became the mayor of Mini Of Murray Dealership on @foursquare!

[Editor's Note: Gotta love FourSquare...]

I still believe BYU and ESPN have something up their sleeve. And it may incluude ND somehow.

[Editor's Note: Ah, Notre Dame. The last vestige of hope for BYU fans.]

FWIW, I still believe we'll end up in the BigXII. And I do not know anything you guys don't.

@geoffjBYU sometimes the Guy goes for current hot babe instead of sweet spirit and wholesome reliability. B12 chose hot TCU over us but....its not over. They didn't choose TCU because of anything we did. And, its not over....

[Editor's Note: Another BYU "insider." I love these guys. They make vague, ambiguous statements that are juuuuust hazy enough to make sure their tracks are covered, no matter what actually happens.]

With #BYU to the Big12 crashing I fear for Saturday, if Bronco makes one wrong move I think fans will storm the field out of pure rage.

[Editor's Note: I can actually see this happening. We BYU fans have been put through the ringer this year. You know all it'll take is one fan to finally pop before an all-out stampede.]

I am laughing pretty hard at all BYU fans (including myself). I guess the alternative is to put on R.E.M. & lower the blinds. #byu #big12

How many times has BYU been on the cusp of a perfect season 2 piss it away or b on the verge of national recognition 2 misstep @ key moments

I trust the BYU admin. They have more knowledge & foresight than any of us. The last thing they want is to slip into irrelevancy. Be patient

[Editor's Note: When all else fails, try faith.]


Heath and Shareen said...

My husband says he can no longer take this Big 12 roller-coaster. I fear for his sanity (and mine!) Don't stop believin'...

Kory said...

Hey, question from Big 12 country..

What are BYU fans' thoughts on joining the Big 12? Is it different than those of the school officials?

brian said...

TCU mostly got it on the strength of their last few seasons. BYU needs to put together a string of quality wins to make the jump to a better conference.

GOLF NYC said...

BYU and the Pac...13? Hhhmmmm...I think that there is too much debauchery at USC for the young mormans of would give them a bad name!

manthy said...

The SEC is where the power is but thanks for the good article.
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Connor said...

TCU joining the Big 12 in my opinion does not hurt BYU at all because they are still in a high revenue market in the Pac-12. The real interesting question will be who will the Big 12 pick up when Mizzouri leaves.