Saturday, October 01, 2011

A win doesn't buy much in Provo these days

Do you know what it's like to be in the depths of of a nightmarish pit, hopeless and alone, only to climb out and find yourself basking in the brilliant light of noonday?

I do. I was in the stands on Friday night when BYU came back in the fourth quarter to beat Utah State 27-24.

After the win, I stood in the south end zone and watched our passionate students rush the field, marveling at how this rivalry has taken a turn for the bizarre. But you know what? An ending like that deserves a special celebration. BYU looked like they came back from the dead.

I walked away from LaVell Edwards Stadium a happy man. In fact, I went to bed and woke up a happy man. It wasn't until I logged on to that I started to get depressed. Not about the game, but about the fans. 

I love BYU fans. They're fiery, they're intelligent, they're thoughtful and civil. But sometimes I just wanna smack 'em all upside the brain. 

Instead of celebrating a thrilling, dramatic victory over our lower-case rival, the messages were almost totally negative. They focused on how bad our coaches are, how bad our players played, how awful the relish was at the hot dog stand, you name it. 

It really bummed me out. Granted, I am just as frustrated with our coaches and players as anyone, but I'm not going to let that story take top billing. Whatever your opinion of Riley Nelson or Bronco Mendenhall, the bottom line is we won the game. 

Come on Cougs. We're winners. Let's act like it. 

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Heath and Shareen said...

You hit the nail on the head! That was an amazing win. I'm so glad I was there in person. It was unbelievable!!