Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I trust BYU

This could have been a huge year for BYU. Unfortunately, we failed every test we were handed on the field, and it looks like we can't do much better off it.

We didn't just lose to TCU, Utah and Texas this year. We lost out on membership in the Big 12 and the Big East conferences. BYU's Athletic Director Tom Holmoe said we never really had an official invitation to the Big 12, but my gut says we could have been a member if BYU was willing to play ball.

Big East negotiations were a little more open. The Big East made it publicly known that they wanted BYU, and even extended an invitation to join the conference as a football-only member. Negotiations stalled, however, because BYU reportedly would not budge in their insistence that they keep the broadcast rights to their home games.

I like independence. But I think I like the idea of being in a BCS conference even more. I, like a lot of fans, was disappointed twice this year as I saw talks with not one but two BCS conferences break down due, seemingly, to BYU's stubbornness.

But you know what? Through all the drama, all the soundbytes, all the unnamed sources and all the heartbreak, one thing remains: The thing I like the most is BYU.

So my official position regarding all future discussion of conference expansion is this: I TRUST BYU.

Furthermore, I trust our AD, our school's president and the Board of Trustees. I truly believe they have BYU's best interest in mind. Do you? So, therefore, when they decide it's not worth it to sell our souls to jump into a BCS conference, guess what? I'm on board.

Because here's the real thing: Despite what articles I read and what Twitter feeds I follow, I have no idea what's happening in these meetings between BYU and conference officials. And you don't either. The only guys who truly know what's going on are the people in that boardroom, or on that conference call. And they're a lot smarter than me and you. So I refuse to spend my energy lashing out at BYU over negotiations and conditions I know nothing about. It's useless, and it's foolish.

I'm in BYU's corner. Loyal, strong and true.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 600-pound podcast in the room


So it's the middle of football season, and as you can see I have been a neglectful blogger. It's embarrassing, I know.

But this time I have an excuse! I haven't just been watching football in my living room covered in the dust of a dozen jelly donuts. I've actually been doing things! I've been discussing the games, breaking down film, talking out victories and defeats.

I just haven't been doing it here.

ASB fans, I'm delighted to announce I've started a podcast with two of my good friends, Jeris and Trevor. It's called Death Star D and you can find it at

(I know: Not only am I betraying my blog, I'm betraying the whole blogger platform. Please forgive me, Google.)

Every week Jeris, Trevor and I talk out the games, give our takes, make predictions and crack wise. It's our chance to do what we love, namely talk BYU sports, and present the conversation to an audience of... 10s?

Check us out at, and give us a listen. You can find every episode on our site, as well as iTunes. Just search for Death Star D (Can you believe no one snatched that name before we did?)

Oh by the way, don't for one second think I'm abandoning my blog like an infant in the snow. I still have a great love of the written word, and I'll be back every time something irks me so badly I just need to write it out.